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Journey of API

API History

Over 20 years of development, API has grown from an abstract concept to a big family in production. In this article, we’ll go through the journey of API from three different aspects, i.e. Components of API, Types of API and Future of API.

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Scrum or Kanban

kanban board

Under the Agile umbrella, there are two popular terms, Scrum and Kanban. We’ll look at a few use cases to see how these two methods are used.

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Feature Flags in DevOps

Feature Flags

Feature Flag is a technique used by DevOps teams to turn features on and off during runtime. We’ll talk more about this technique in this article.

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A fresher on Testing in CI/CD

CICD Testing

Testing plays a critical role in the CI/CD lifecycle. We’ll take a look at the level testings in the CI/CD lifecycle.

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Git Commands

Git Workflow

We have talked about the DevOps Lifecycle and Mapping Tools previously. Under the Code stage of the lifecycle, the source control is the key component. And Git is the first word that jumps out. Remembering all the Git…

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DevOps Tools Mapping

DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps lifecycle stages mapping and popular DevOps tools and their reference links under each DevOps stage

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