DevOps Tools Mapping

DevOps is one of the hottest topics nowadays. Many organisations have the DevOps practice underway or on-the-way. This widespread demand for DevOps is driving the evolvement of DevOps tools. These tools then empower users to effectively manage and control their DevOps Lifecycles. There are so many tools available in the market. We’ll use this article to map the popular ones out.

DevOps Lifecycle

To group these tools into small “buckets”, we’ll follow the DevOps lifecycle stages highlighted in the diagram below (please bear with my hairy drawing):

There are various DevOps lifecycle definitions and their stage breakdowns. Please consider the above mapping as a reference instead of hard rules. Aligning to these stages, let’s take a look at tools for each stage.

DevOps Tools

A few notes before using the tools mapping list below:

  • Each tool listing comes with a hyperlink that points to its official website
  • Some tools may appear in more than one stages
  • We’ll periodically update the list with new or changes of tools/platforms

Plan – Agile Planning

 jira Atlassian Jira | versionone VersionOne |

targetprocess  Targetprocess | planview Planview | broadcom rally Broadcom Rally

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Code – Source Control

git git | github GitHub | bitbucket Bitbucket | gitbucket Gitbucket |

gitlab Gitlab | subversion  Subversion | azure repo Azure Repos |

codecommit AWS CodeCommit

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Code – Package Mgmt

jfrog artifactory JFrog Artifactory | npm npm  | docker hub Docker Hub

yarn  Yarn | nuget NuGet | azure artifacts Azure Artifacts

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Build – Build Tools

msbuild MSBuild | gradle Gradle | grunt Grunt |

maven Maven | harshicorp packer HashiCorp Packer |

sbt sbt | aws codebuild AWS CodeBuild

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Test – Browser

selenium Selenium | cypress Cypress | xebialabs XebiaLabs |

browsersync Browsersync

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Test – Performance

jmeter JMeter | blazemeter BlazeMeter | locust Locust |

k6 k6

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Test – Configuration

serverspec Serverspec | chef inspec Chef InSpec

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Test – Code

pytest pytest | junit 5 JUnit 5 | cucumber Cucumber |

jasmine Jasmine | rspec RSpec | nunit NUnit |

specflow SpecFlow

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Release/Deploy – Configuration Mgmt

puppet puppet | chef Chef | ansible Ansible |

powershell PowerShell | saltstack SaltStack

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Release/Deploy – Provisioning

terraform Terraform | cloudformation AWS CloudFormation |

resourcemanager Azure Resource Manager

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Release/Deploy – CI/CD Pipeline

jenkins Jenkins | teamcity TeamCity | travis ci Travis CI |

codeship CodeShip | bamboo Bamboo | circle ci CircleCI |

spinnaker Spinnaker | octopus Octopus Deploy | codepipeline AWS CodePipeline

azure pipeline Azure Pipelines | xebialabs XebiaLabs | harness Harness

go cd GoCD

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Operate – Containers

docker2 Docker | rocket Rocket (rkt) | kubernetes Kubernetes (k8s) |

docker swarm Docker Swarm | mesos Mesos | nomad Nomad |

aws ecs AWS ECS | aws eks AWS EKS | azure eks Azure AKS |

google gke GC GKE | redhat openshift Red Hat OpenShift | helm Helm |

rancher Rancher

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Operate – Compute

aws ec2 AWS EC2 | azure vm Azure Virtual Machine |

google computeegine GC Compute Engine

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Operate – Serverless

aws lambda AWS Lambda | aws fargate AWS Fargate |

aws stepfunction AWS Step Functions | azure functions Azure Functions |

azure app service Azure App Service | azure logic apps Azure Logic Apps |

azure event grid Azure Event Grid | google functions GC Functions

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Operate – Events & Alerts

big panda BigPanda | moogsoft Moogsoft |

servicenow Servicenow

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Operate – Service Desk

bmc BMC | jira service desk Jira Service Desk |

servicenow Servicenow | microfocus service manager  Micro Focus Service Manager

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Operate – Project Mgmt

azure board Azure Boards | jira Atlassian Jira | trello Trello |

pivotal tracker PivotalTracker | asana Asana

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Operate – CRM

dynamic 365 Dynamic 365 | oracle servicecloud Oracle Service Cloud | salesforce Salesforce

zendesk Zendesk | suitecrm SuiteCRM

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Operate – Collaborate

ms teams Microsoft Teams | slack Slack | box Box |

twilio Twilio

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Monitor – Synthetic

bmc BMC TrueSight | pingdom Pingdom | catchpoint Catchpoint |

apica Apica

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Monitor – Tracing

opentracing OpenTracing | zipkin Zipkin | lightstep LightStep

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Monitor – Big Data

unravel Unravel | anodot Anodot

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Monitor – APM

instana Instana | dynatrace Dynatrace | new relic New Relic |

scout Scout | appdynamics AppDynamics

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Monitor – Cloud Infra

aws cloudwatch AWS CloudWatch | azure monitor Azure Monitor | wavefront Wavefront

graphite Graphite | signalfx SignalFX | honeycomb Honeycomb |

datadog Datadog

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Monitor – On Prem Infra

scom Microsoft SCOM | sciencelogic ScienceLogic | nagios Nagios

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Monitor – Network

thousandeyes ThousandEyes | logicmonitor LogicMonitor | extrahop ExtraHop |

solarwinds SolarWinds

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Monitor – Code Errors

bugsnag BugSnag | sentry Sentry | stackify Stackify |

honeybadger Honeybadger | rollbar Rollbar | raygun Raygun |

overops OverOps

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Monitor – Log Mgmt

splunk Splunk | sumo logic Sumo Logic | logzio |

elastic Elastic | scalyr Scalyr | loggly Loggly

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