Web Redirect via .htaccess

Web Redirect via .htaccess

In our Web Redirect via AWS Route 53 article, we’ve talked about how to redirect a domain name to another website. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use different types of Apache directives within a .htaccess…

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Compliance Comparison – AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Compliance Comparison

“Moving to the cloud” appears more and more in organizations’ strategy and roadmap nowadays. Along the migration, “Regulatory Compliance” also becomes a hot topic. In fact, regulatory compliance is always a hot topic, but its temperature raises more…

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Storage Service Comparison – AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Storage Comparison AWS vs Azure vs GCP

AWS, Azure and GCP are key players in the cloud storage market. We will compare the storage services from these three Cloud Service Providers (CSP) in this article.

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Monitoring Service Comparison – AWS vs Azure vs GCP (Part 2)

Following the Part 1 article, we’ll go through the remaining parts, including View, Act and Cost comparison among these three Cloud Service Providers (CSP) in this article.

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Monitoring Service Comparison – AWS vs Azure vs GCP (Part 1)

Monitoring Service Comparison AWS vs Azure vs GCP

In our Cloud Product Mapping article, we’ve mapped Monitoring services provided by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud (GCP). We’ll compare these three vendors’ monitoring services with more details in two articles, starting from this one.

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VPN Service Comparison – AWS vs Azure vs GCP

VPN-AWS vs Azure vs GCP

In our Cloud Product Mapping article, we’ve mapped VPN services provided by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud (GCP). In this article, we’ll compare these three vendors’ VPN services with more details. Theory Before we start the comparison, let’s…

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Cloud Product Mapping – AWS vs Azure vs GCP

AWS vs Azure vs GCP products and services

More and more companies start to adopt multi-cloud strategy nowadays. This article provides a category-by-category mapping for cloud products/services from AWS, Azure and GCP(Google Cloud) with reference links pointing directly to these CSP’s product home page. A few notes…

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GCP’s Cloud Adoption Framework

GCP Cloud Adoption Framework

Having gone through both AWS and Azure’s Cloud Operating Model (COM) in our previous articles, we’ll take a look at how Google Cloud (GCP) approached it in this article. Similar to AWS and Azure, GCP have a well…

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AWS’s Cloud Operating Model Framework

AWS Cloud Operating Model

We’ve discussed how Azure define a cloud operating model in our previous article. Azure have set the Cloud Operating Model (COM) as part of their Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). The COM and CAF together have covered the three…

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Azure’s Cloud Operating Model Framework

Azure Cloud Operating Model

What is a cloud operating model? When we ask this question, we probably will get many different answers. If we extend the question by asking, what does it contain? We will get various answers too. But we can…

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Design Thinking on Set-Based Design (SBD)

Set-Based Design (SBD)

When we are in a product development lifecycle, we often face a situation when we have to make a design decision upon multiple viable options. Down the line our choice may not turn out to be the best…

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Stop PPT Slide Change from Scrolling

No Picture

I like to use PowerPoint to be my canvas for drawing notes and design thinking. However, one annoying thing is that when I try to scroll up or down to the edge of the slide, it automatically switches…

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AWS VPC to VPC Connection Options

VPC Connection

AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is one of the most popular features of AWS. It provides a logically isolated network layer for the compute instances. But when users have multiple VPCs, how to connect them together so that the compute instances from different VPCs can communicate with each other. We’ll go through the VPC connection options in this article.

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Journey of API

API History

Over 20 years of development, API has grown from an abstract concept to a big family in production. In this article, we’ll go through the journey of API from three different aspects, i.e. Components of API, Types of API and Future of API.

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Azure Lighthouse

Azure Lighthouse

We’ve talked about AWS cross-account management options in our Assume Role and SSO articles. How do we effectively manage subscriptions and services across multiple tenants in Azure? Azure Lighthouse submits a good answer to this question. We’ll talk more about the Azure Lighthouse service in this article.

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Scrum or Kanban

kanban board

Under the Agile umbrella, there are two popular terms, Scrum and Kanban. We’ll look at a few use cases to see how these two methods are used.

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Feature Flags in DevOps

Feature Flags

Feature Flag is a technique used by DevOps teams to turn features on and off during runtime. We’ll talk more about this technique in this article.

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A fresher on Testing in CI/CD

CICD Testing

Testing plays a critical role in the CI/CD lifecycle. We’ll take a look at the level testings in the CI/CD lifecycle.

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AWS Route 53 – Web Redirect

web redirect

When you have a website URL that is lengthy and difficult to remember, you can set up a easy-to-remember domain name to redirect to the URL.

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AWS CLI Commands – Output Formats

AWS CLI Output Format

AWS CLI supports different types of output formats. We will go through the format specifications and filtering options in this article.

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AWS CLI Commands – Bulk Operations

AWS CLI Bulk Operations

CLI can achieve bulk operation outcomes that GUI may not be able to achieve. We will show you how to use AWS CLI to do bulk operations.

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Git Commands

Git Workflow

We have talked about the DevOps Lifecycle and Mapping Tools previously. Under the Code stage of the lifecycle, the source control is the key component. And Git is the first word that jumps out. Remembering all the Git…

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AWS Cross Account Access – SSO


AWS Single Sign-On is a cloud-based SSO service. We will explore how it works by walking through an end-2-end use case in this article.

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AWS Role Assumption Configuration

Role Assumption Configuration

IAM users and applications can access resources across accounts using role assumption. Configuration steps provided for both scenarios.

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MicroProcesses – a Multi-level Process Mapping Practice


MicroProcesses, a multi-level process mapping method, that helps you map process definition in multiple levels with improved flexibility, extendability and user experience.

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DevOps Tools Mapping

DevOps Lifecycle

DevOps lifecycle stages mapping and popular DevOps tools and their reference links under each DevOps stage

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